Finding Gratitude in Sub Zero Temps

You may not know me, but if you did you would know I LOVE to be outside and be active.  My husband and 2 boys are the center of my world.  We love hiking, biking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing...pretty much anything that gets us outdoors.  We live in choice.  Having lived down south - we learned we love and crave the 4 seasons.  It has been an unseasonably warm winter (which actually bums us out) but we are so excited to have snow on the ground.

As a former Army Captain, I had the habit of early morning, regimented PT ingrained.  The downside is I can be TOO regimented...same type of work out, same time, everyday.

So I love that weather forces variety in both my fitness and my craving to get outside.  Last weekend was a PERFECT snowman day.  If you have never built a snowman...know that you can incorporate cardio (how fast can you make a snow ball?) and strength (squatting with a giant snowman base) .  Mix it up with some sledding and you have a full body workout!  Of course the best part is doing this with my family...watching my husband engineer the snowman and my kids get so excited.   The only sad part about making a snowman is simply that is melts...and given our mild winter it is apt to melt a little too fast.  It is for that reason that I am grateful for our sub zero temps of the past week. Our Awesome Snowman is still standing...a reminder of a fun day with my family and a great workout!


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